The International Conference and Exhibition on

Ubiquitous Positioning,

Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services

Wuhan University, WuHan, China, 18th - 19th March 2022

Call for Papers

Welcome to the Seventh International Ubiquitous Positioning, Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services (UPINLBS) Conference! UPINLBS concentrates on innovative and state-of-the-art solutions and techniques dealing with ubiquitous positioning, indoor navigation, location-based services, as well as technologies in related areas. A selection of high quality works presented in the UPINLBS 2022 will be recommended to the journal Satellite Navigation in the special issue entitled as “UPINLBS”.

The topics include, but not limited to,

  • Beidou + 5G positioning
  • Wireless communication and Positioning
  • Brain-computer interface and brain-inspired navigation
  • Auto-driving and Robot positioning
  • Positioning with wearable devices
  • Indoor positioning and indoor mobile mapping
  • Positioning and navigation in space
  • Enhanced low-orbit satellite navigation
  • Marine geodetic positioning and marine resilient PNT
  • Underwater perception, localization and semantic mapping
  • Underground positioning
  • navigation within the human body
  • Indoor navigation and modeling
  • Emerging positioning sensors and technology
  • Cooperative and crowdsourcing positioning
  • RF signal and positioning
  • Indoor/outdoor location based services
  • Smartphone ubiquitous navigation
  • Inertial navigation
  • Seamless positioning and activity recognition
  • Positioning in harsh environment
  • AI-based navigation
  • Internet of Things Localization

Guideline for Authors

The paper should have the following structure:

Submission template for abstract: see Submission System for details
Submission template for full text: see Submission System for details

  • 1. Title of the paper
  • 2. Authors and affiliation, rendered anonymous
  • 3. Keywords (6-8 words)
  • 4. Abstract (100 – 250 words)
  • 5. Introduction
  • 6. Main body
  • 7. Conclusions
  • 8. Acknowledgements, rendered anonymous
  • 9. References
  • 10. Appendix (if applicable)

Paper submission

Authors whose abstract was accepted have been invited to submit a full paper via EasyChair.

Full papers should be prepared using the IEEE A4 paper template (available for Word and LaTeX on the IEEE website). They should not exceed 10 pages. Each full paper needs to be accompanied by a signed Copyright Transfer Agreement form. The form and more information can be found here. The signed form should be uploaded as a PDF attachment in Easy Chair.

Paper Deadlines

Deadline for submission of abstracts:
21th Feb. 2022

Letter of acceptance:
26th Feb. 2022

Deadline for full submission:
11th Mar. 2022
17th Mar. 2022